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How Does Stem Cell Treatment Work?

Stem cells have two distinct traits which make it fit for treatment or therapy for a wide range of conditions and diseases. One, they can create or renew more cells of a similar kind. Secondly, they mature up and become specialized cells that are able to do specific roles either in the bone, muscle or skin.

Nowadays, apart from being a remedial solution to many health sicknesses like diabetes, heart diseases, and neurodegenerative ailments, each year, several conditions and diseases are being pointed as those that can be treated using stem cell therapy. Clinical trials are ongoing to determine whether stem cells can treat stroke, blindness, and spinal cord injury. The results of these trials could lead to a medical revolution.

Stem cells assist in forming a human in a womb starting with a zygote to the fetus. The difference between stem cells and other cells is that they are an active group of cells, young and able to replicate in huge levels. Their presence is in every living organism that has a cellular structure. Here we can start to imagine how stem cells are significant in our body. Stem cells are used in the most modern medical remedy that is stem treatments.

For over 60 years, the most common stem cell therapy is bone-marrow transplant and although it is a process which is prolonged, expensive and painful. Contrasting, blood stem cells removed from the umbilical cord is not costly and is safe to be used for treatment.

Blood cells have displayed tremendous prospect of treating sicknesses of the immune system and the blood like the results we have seen in the thousand cases of children successfully treated of leukemia. The probability of tissue regeneration has resulted in treating diseases, injuries to bones, eye surface, and skin by implanting or grafting tissues.

Stem cells do not dissolve in the body, unlike drugs. Because they are living cells, they can respond and grow in ways that are unpredictable starting from the time they are in the patient’s body. So, this type of treatment is not similar to all patients. We must understand that stem cells are obtained from different parts of the body with the purpose of treating various conditions.

Patients planning to take the stem cell treatment should be curious and must not fear the scientific assurance which shows the effectiveness and safety of this treatment. When a decision is made on stem cell treatment a patient should confirm that the cells to be used are pure or mixed. In fetal embryos or tissue, umbilical cord blood, bone fat or marrow, stem cells can be removed from every patient meaning each patient has their stem cells.

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