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What are Some of the Symptoms of ADD in Children

It is essential to note that attention deficit disorder is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder which can influence your child’s success in school and their relationships. But the symptoms of ADD always vary making it sometimes hard to recognize. By the end of this topic, you will discover more symptoms that will help you know that your child is suffering ADD.

One of the symptoms of ADD is that the children have a self-focused behavior. You find that such children cannot recognize what other friends need or desire. Besides, they always care about their affairs and what other people do is not their take. This is what makes them to always interrupt others while they are talking or you may find them bursting into a conversation that does not concern them. This will make them always to cause trouble wherever they go.

The next symptom is that they find it hard to wait for their turn. You find that when the teacher is in class, they will always bursting into opportunities before they are pointed or while other students are still answering the questions. Besides, they will also not wait for their turn while playing games with other students as this always make the game to end prematurely.

Besides, ADD children also get annoyed quickly. One thing with this children is that even minor things make them angry thus resulting in many fights with the fellow children. It is essential to note that they are always having trouble keeping their feelings in check. For instance, they can even get angry during their birthday celebrations.

The fourth symptom of ADD is that they cannot settle at one point. One thing with such children is that they will always twitch and run around most of the time. This is one thing that can interfere with their concentration making them fail in exams. Besides, fidgeting will also make the children with ADD unable to play quietly.

Besides, ADD also makes the children to lack focus. It is essential to note that they will forget what you have told them quickly because they cannot even pay attention when you are speaking to them directly. Because of that, you will realize that they are unable to finish their tasks. In this case, they will show interests in many different tasks but accomplishing them is the problem. Apart from that, this will also make them avoid tasks that require extended mental effort. For instance, we have to pay attention in class or even doing their homework.

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