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Tasty Dishes For Your Kids Birthday Party
Birthday parties excite kids and they cannot stop thinking and singing about birthdays. Once a kid celebrate this years birthday party, they start thinking about how they will celebrate next years party. Kids love to show off and this is a great opportunity to do just this because they can invite their friends and classmates to join in the celebration. It is inevitable for this to become a competition because they want to come out as the best. To make sure that they win, they will try and make their birthday better than the last one they attended. If you as the parent, plan the greatest birthday party, you will be known as the cool mom. One of the most important aspect of a birthday party if the food. If you want to ace a party, you should get the best dishes. Here are some tasty dish ideas for your kids birthday party.
Without a birthday cake, there is no birthday party. Because this is the highlight of the birthday party, you have to make it stand out. If you are having a themed birthday party, the cake should also follow that route. Most kids are mesmerized by character cakes and it will definitely be the highlight of the party. This doesnt mean that you have to spend so much money to have the perfect character cake. All you need to do is to get some delicious frosting and then add cake decorations that are themed.
To make this more interesting why dont you include a cupcake decorating contest? If you dont want to remove the birthday cake, you can add this. The kids will be excited about his contest and will never stop talking about it. You will need to buy some icing and decorations like gummy bears and sprinkles and then bake cupcakes and have them be creative.
Another idea for the birthday party would be a cooking demonstration. Kids love it when they are involved in what adults are doing. Instead of giving them cereal for breakfast, you can have them help prepare breakfast. Character shaped molds will make the pancakes more interesting for the kids. You can also buy stencils and other decorations to have them decorate the pancakes.
Why not have pizza for the birthday party? You will make the kids very happy with this. You can have the kids choose three different flavors of pizza. If you are buying lots of pizza, you can get them at a cheaper cost. You can order from home and have them delivered.
If pizza is not your choice, burgers and hot dogs make the best side dishes. If you are having the party in summer, you can have a barbeque grill in the backyard for the burgers and hotdogs. Some potato chips and waterslides will seal the deal.